Interior Ministry handy for people or moving house


Do not take the package and arranged many, the worst you have to do is push the barrels this furniture only. Furniture cleanup when moving house is always a nuisance and tired with anyone. Work does not just pack up and open, but also to organize them into new positions so that you feel pleasant. […]


5 guest room design makes ten thousand men


Owned wonderful resting place and comfortable like this, then perhaps nobody wants to leave the room to his house take it. 1. The reading room with views overlooking the beautiful valley attracted. 2. A super-large cushion with giant screen, a small dream of film enthusiasts. 3. Who needs walls when this precious heritage property anyway? […]


6 ideas for your kitchen a more warmth


Kitchen where the oven is not only how delicious meal but also a space of every family gathering, investors care little for granted then. 1. Kitchen small but by no means superficial, small dining table by the window for breakfast quickly and conveniently. 2. If your kitchen has a modest area like this, note neatly […]


Green architecture and world trends


There is no doubt about the growing of sustainable development initiatives and the products are environmentally responsible. This obviously has a lot of impact to green architecture. Green architecture on a global scale Around the world more and more work from small scale as housing and schools to large-scale urban planning, urban development are sustainable. […]


Green living space on the roof of HASSELL Burnley


HASSELL collaboration with the University of Melbourne (Australia) to design a community garden on the roof of green for Burnley Campus project. HASSELL said, the adoption of green infrastructure, including the “transplant” on the surface of green buildings in urban areas is how to exploit the past to bring significant benefits for the city. The […]


5 interior design trends of 2016 Highlights


If 2015 is the vintage trend, the geometry, the interior design trends of 2016 will be fresh and more youthful a lot. The New Year is often associated with interior design trends new, of course not a new trend is also absolutely certain that one of the design trend has been associated for many years […]

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