Traditional villa designed for multi-generation family


Tell you read sample traditional villa called “The Memory” is a project designed architecture for a family of three generations in Tan An, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong. One of the characteristics of traditional culture in Asian countries, including Vietnam’s grandparents, parents and children all live together in a house.


“The house memories” is the contrast between past and present, light and shadow, tradition and modernity

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In this dep sample design features of the space should be neutral between lifestyle and intergenerational activities. They just have to match the lifestyle of the elderly, but still slow enough dynamism of young people. Therefore, the relationship, the correlation and the collision occurred when the three generations is a major challenge. To solve this problem, the architects designed a large house with two separate small space inside. Front yard, backyard and corridors connecting the mount point.

Creating a secondary activity area and a walkway to the rear of the house helps isolate the activities of daily life and limited family 2 people collided with each other; However, the house is still a continuous space for children to play and the whole family to connect with each other.


With the “space” and natural light is cleverly solved, we can easily see the weather outside from the inside. Space ratio is also carefully considered in order to create the necessary contrast between light and dark, modern and traditional.


“The Memory” is not just a house, it also reminded the members of these families have lost loved ones. According to the philosophy of “Birth, Death,” when we lose a loved family member, the pain will always be there. Homeowners who believe in this house, in this space, the soul of his grandfather and father will always exist – in each of the roof, the pillars, the details … which was built by his ancestors .


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